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Cariappa Annaiah is an eclectic artist and poet, who lived and worked in New England for 22 years before relocating to Greater New Orleans. He holds the designation of Copley artist at the Copley Society of Art, in Boston, the oldest nonprofit art association in America. He is a member of The New England Poetry Club which was founded by Amy Lowell, Robert Frost and Conrad Aiken in 1915.

As a poet, he writes extensively about relationships because he believes that the state of relationships, whether with spouse, kids, siblings, friends, colleagues and most definitely with oneself, determines the depth of personal happiness. The poems are short, and pithy, and attempt to present universal truths in a concise and simple format. A common thread runs through his art and poetry –– they are both universal and personal.

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Cariappa Annaiah's second volume of short poems, "Truisms — mostly. Volume II. Reflections on life, living, and relationships," was released in January 2011.

Kudos for the first volume of Truisms — mostly,

“This slender volume of short poems delivers a smorgasbord of delectable, bite-sized morsels of insights and truths on reflections about "life, living and relationships". What it means to be human. Using a light, but practiced hand, Cariappa Annaiah spices these bon mots with humor, wit and wisdom. Clever word-play and the juxtapositioning of sometimes compatible, sometimes opposable ideas are ingredients combined to create satisfying mental meals. Ranging from light-hearted confections about everyday life to serious stick-to-your-brain observations on life-changing events, Truisms — mostly is a "soup to nuts" menu of insights and ideas. The book truly contains a wide variety of observations, with selections within it to satisfy everyone's tastes. And, like a favorite dish, one will return to it again and again.” — Denise Pearson, writer

Cariappa's first volume of 100 short poems entitled, "Truisms — mostly. Reflections on life, living, and relationships," was released in May 2010.

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